Regina, SK – With the news that the Natural Meat Company (formerly Natural Valley Farms) in Neudorf, Saskatchewan has been shut down by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for food safety concerns, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) is calling for a complete audit of

Canada ‘s remaining horse slaughter operations by the CFIA. 

Graphic evidence of animal welfare violations was documented at Natural Valley Farms in April and May 2008 and aired to the public a month later. At

the time, government officials made repeated assurances regarding the plant’s operations.

Over six months later, the CFIA quietly ordered the plant closed citing food safety concerns. “Despite the attention given to this operation, this action shows that there are major problems in Neudorf and quite possibly elsewhere,” said Sinikka Crosland, CHDC’s Executive Director. “Only a full audit can begin to deal with the real concerns that the public has with Canadian horse slaughter operations.”

“This is exactly the kind of problem that arose in the United States and the reason, along with concerns associated with inhumane treatment, that saw

the US close every single one of its slaughter houses,” added Ms. Crosland.

For further information: Sinikka Crosland, CHDC, 250-768-4803 or go to