The misadventures of a pony on the lam in Alabama went viral recently and we are pleased to report a happy ending for the tiny critter.

The incident began the night of March 20th when a the four-year-old miniature stallion named Knight escaped his backyard and went on the run. A local citizen called it in and soon the Tuscaloosa police responded, dubbing the fugitive ‘Ginuwine’ (after the R&B singer who wrote the song Pony in 1996, lyrics of which begin, “I’m just a bachelor, I’m looking for a partner, someone who knows how to ride, without even falling off…”). However, the mini stud gave the three officers quite the chase during what is being called a “low-speed pursuit” across yards and driveways before eventually surrendering. You can view some of the bodycam footage here:


The owners were identified but realized that they weren’t quite up to the task of caring for a miniature stallion and Knight was rehomed to the Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa (TROT)  where he is currently enjoying his new life.

According to reports, on the night of the incident local authorities “charged” Knight with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest and took the pony’s mugshot. However, we’ve since learned that all charges have been dropped.

Thanks to a local television station you can watch the drama unfold and hear firsthand from the officers involved in the pursuit here.