Ottawa, ON— The Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee (HPC) has announced the 2009 Talent Squad.

Selection for the 2009 Talent Squad is based upon results of FEI international eventing competitions. The Talent Squad consists of riders from the CCI/CCIO/CIC 2(two) star level and up who, by their performance during the time period designated under general regulations, have shown potential to reach the international elite level.

Riders are selected to the 2009 Talent Squad in one of three ways

· riders who have completed a CCI/CCIO/CIC 2(two) star level event and achieved an FEI  Qualification score but who have not achieved Long List criteria**,

· riders who have completed a CCI/CCIO/CIC 3(three) star event who have not met the Short or Long List criteria**, or

· riders who are on the Talent Squad in 2008, who fail to meet the criteria for the 2009 Squad, may be maintained on the Talent Squad for one year on the recommendation of the Eventing High Performance Committee.

** Note: Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the HPC on a case-by-case situation; for example, excessive time penalties cross-country due to inclement environmental conditions.

Named to the 2009 Talent Squad are:

Rider                                Horse                               Qualifying Event

Peter Barry, QC                  Kildrodan Abbott                CIC 2* Plantation—Sept 08

                                                                                 CCI 2* Fairhill—Oct 08

Emily Daigneault, QC (Y)     Misty Vale Bacardi              CIC 2* Plantation—Sept 08

Kathryn Duke, AB               Eliott III                             CIC 3* The Fork

Vanessa Fenwick, ON          Erodium                             CCI 2* Florida—Apr 08

                                                                                 CIC 2* Poplar Place—Mar 08

Bob Holman, ON                 Glendening Phoenix             CCI 2* Fairhill—Oct 08        

                                         Catmantoo                         CCI 2* Fairhill—Oct 08

Rebecca Lee, BC                Gold Twist                          CCI 2* Florida—Apr 08

                                                                                 CCI 2* Kalispell—July 08

Kendal Lehari, ON               Understudy                        CIC 2* Stuart—July 08

Colleen Loach, QC              Longfield Dougal                 CIC 2* Stuart—July 08                 

Danica Moore, ON               Dunlavin’s Token                CIC 2* Richland Park

                                                                                 CCI 2* Fairhill—Oct 08

Frankie Simpson, ON          Watson’s Shelbreen             CIC 2* Richland Park

Rebecca Howard, BC          Riddle Master                      CCI 2* Ocala—Nov 08

Vanessa Fenwick, ON          Erodium                             CIC 2* Hamilton—Mar 08

Sara Sellmer, BC                Lanzelot Z                         CIC 2* Twin Rivers—Sept 08

Wendy Southam , ON          Ruba Z                              CCI 3* Allentown 2007

The Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee also recognizes the performance of the following National Team riders who also achieved Talent Squad qualification results on development horses in 2008

Diana Burnett, ON                 Sagacious King                CIC 3* Tallahassee—Feb 08

Waylon Roberts, ON (Y)         Simply Ben                     CIC 2* Kentucky Classic—Sept 08