The celebrity gossip mill was abuzz last week with the news that Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari were calling it quits after 14 months of marriage. While Asghari filed the divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences (amid accusations that Spears cheated on him), Spears seems more focused on a new hobby: horses. The global superstar posted an image of herself in the saddle on a beach with the caption:

Buying a horse soon 🐴 !!! So many options it’s kinda hard !!! A horse called Sophie and another called Roar 🐎 ??? I can’t make up my mind 🙈 !!! Should I join the camaraderie and put a pink cowboy hat on 😜 ??? Either way I think I found my sweet spot with Roar 😘 !!!

While not the first woman to go horse shopping as a way to start a new life as a single person, stargazers might recognize the image from another post the singer published in July when horseback riding with Asghari. Is it a trip down memory lane? Or a way to let her soon-to-be-ex know that her heart lies in the saddle?

No matter her motivation, with an estimated $60 million net worth and her conservatorship behind her, Spears can afford to buy as many horses as she wants.