We love a horse rescue story, but this one stood apart because unlike others we’ve reported on, the equine in question hadn’t fallen through ice, or wedged itself in a ditch or tree. Instead, George the draft cross, who lives at Lonesome Dove Stables in Raynham, Massachusetts, lay down during the night and at least one of his legs went to sleep. We all can relate! But when you’re a 1,500 lb heavy horse, it means you’re stuck.

Heavy equipment, a harness, and a little help from his friends did the trick.

This was the case when George’s owner went to the paddock and found him in the morning. “What happens with a horse this size when he gets down and lays down for too long his legs go to sleep and he can’t get up,” owner Timothy McCabe told local news Channel 10.

McCabe called the Raynham fire department, who came immediately, but after assessing the situation they realized they couldn’t get George up onto his feet without extra help. Enter the Bristol County technical rescue team, who arrived with heavy equipment and a harness. In total, 18 humans were on hand to help George.

“They were able to harness him and pick him up and he successfully walked off to the other tower of the barn and hopefully he’s having a good day,” Raynham Fire Chief Bryan LaCivita told Channel 10.

The Lonesome Dove Facebook page posted recent video of George being lunged as part of his recovery. One thing is certain, McGabe is thrilled to have his horse back on all four legs. “I fell in love with him and I named him George because just like ‘Of Mice and Men,’ I promised to love him and hug him and hold him tight,” McCabe told reporters. “I thank everybody that came and helped him out, I just can’t thank everybody enough.”