If you happen to live in or travel through the city of Barrie, Ontario, don’t be shocked to see a grown man out walking his two miniature horses through the streets. The man is Chris Anderson and the two minis, Oreo and Ember, belonged to his late mother, a passionate horse lover who vowed to own a horse before she passed. “One turned into two,” Anderson told the CBC, who posted a video about him and the horses:


Anderson inherited the pair of minis after his mother’s death three years ago. In the video he can be seen leading Oreo and Ember through the streets, stopping to talk to strangers who want to pet and take photos with the horses. He sometimes bikes along, “ponying” Oreo to give him some exercise.

Anderson explains that the two horses have lived in the city since they were six months old and are quite comfortable with the hustle and bustle. Indeed, the pair have become celebrities in Barrie — a warm reception that Anderson didn’t anticipate, but is thrilled by. “It’s been a fantastic experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” he says. “I always joke [my mother’s] dad left her a house, and she left me two mini horses and I think I got the better deal.”

Visit Oreo and Ember’s Facebook page here.