The one-year moratorium on horse-drawn carriages in Montreal, imposed by Mayor Denis Coderre, has been overturned in court. Judge Casgrain ordered the immediate return of horse-drawn carriages, also known as caleches, stating that the city of Montreal overstepped its authority.

Coderre announced the temporary injunction on May 25th, which came as welcome news to the 24 operators who were stunned by the ban instituted on May 17th. The case will go before the court again on June 3rd, but Coderre stated he will comply with the judge’s orders, and will not seek a permanent ban.

He added, however, that new polices surrounding the horses, their care and public safety should be expected, as the city examines the industry. He also said operators will be monitored closely over the summer, and officials will hand out fines to anyone who is not upholding safety and welfare measures.