A rescue farm in Missouri has found an inventive way to share with the public the upcoming birth of a miniature horse foal, as well as raise much-needed funds for the mare and foal.

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, which is the horse and farm rescue arm of the Humane Society of Missouri, rescued Waffle, a miniature horse, last November. The caretakers soon learned that the little grey mare was in foal,` with the local vet estimating that Waffle would give birth in May or early June of 2021.

So they set up a “foal cam” so viewers around the world can check in on the pretty mare and see when her baby will arrive. The video link is live from sunrise to sunset and they’ve included a link for fans and horse lovers to make a tax-deductible donation.

Longmeadow posted the announcement on Mother’s Day on their Facebook page, posting: “Each day from dawn until dusk you can watch Waffle on our Longmeadow Baby Cam! The lights and camera will shut off at night to give Waffle her privacy during this special time and to allow her to get the rest she needs. But keep an eye on the camera ‒ the pacing and circling tells us it won’t be much longer!”

On the group’s website they add reassuringly that while mares naturally want to give birth when alone, they will be watching (along with the rest of us) and will be on hand to give Waffle a helping hand should the little mare need it.