Lovers of fine riding clothes can breathe easy. Vancouver-based Arista Equestrian has been bought by a trio of women from Vancouver Island who plan to continue its tradition of bringing original, dynamic designs to discerning horse lovers.

The new owners are Frann MacLean, marketing consultant and the new manager of Arista, Gail Gordon, businesswoman and lawyer Catherine Murray.  All of them are horsewomen who are involved in Canada’s equine community.

In September, Arista‘s founder, Sharie Loychuck, announced she would be winding the business down due to her plans to retire after 20 years of business. “I was approached by several people about purchasing Arista but I didn’t see anyone as the right fit. I had decided to just fold the business when the Vancouver Island group approached me,” Sharie said. “After meeting them I knew they’d be perfect for it. They are so full of fun and enthusiasm!”

In fact, she connected with them so well she rethought her retirement and agreed to keep on designing and consulting at Arista. “I know Arista will benefit from the energy and creative drive that the new owners are bringing to the line. I am excited and inspired by the new direction that Arista is about to embark on.”

The new ownership also brings another exciting clothing line to Arista. Three years ago Horse ManUwear was launched in Victoria, BC. It is the perfect complement to Arista. A younger, more flamboyant line of casual clothing, ManUwear has been a runaway success and had outgrown its former location.

The main office for Arista and ManUwear has just opened in Victoria, BC, and it is business as usual for them both. “We are so excited about this venture, and thrilled that Sharie decided to come on board with us,” said Frann. “We share the same vision and have just finished working on the new spring line. The designs are fabulous and reflect the energy and excitement that all of us have brought to the table.”

Arista Equestrian & Horse ManUwear are located at 6680 Mirah Rd., Saanichton, BC, Canada V8M 1Z4. Phone 250-544-0016, toll free 1-877-944-0016 fax 250-544-0026 and email For more information call Heather Warren 250-544-0016 or email