If you own horses and/or are responsible for the care of horses please take five minutes to complete an important survey respecting the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines (the Code).

This industry-developed survey is to gauge awareness, adoption and use of the Code. Click here to take the survey.

“Health and welfare of the animals in our care is the cornerstone of our equine industry,” said Bill desBarres, horse owner and Chair of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC). “The future of Canada’s equine industry is dependent on establishing and maintaining the confidence of horse people and the general public.”

This survey is for all those involved in the care of equine in Canada including but not limited to riders, owners, custodians, equine businesses owners, operators and staff including boarding/guest ranch/riding/training facilities, feedlots, racetracks, rodeo contractors, auction markets, and PMU operations.

Survey results will identify areas pertaining to the welfare of horses including deviations from the Code. The results will form the foundation to determine the need for educational programming, resources and animal care assessment tools.

The survey, which will be available online until October 31, 2017, is brief and to the point and will relate to the participant’s level of involvement in the equine industry and awareness of the Code.

For more information contact:

Mikki Shatosky, HWAC Project Coordinator, 403-870-8784, [email protected]
Jennifer Woods, HWAC Project Lead, [email protected]