The American Quarter Horse Association Executive Committee approved an amendment to Rule SHW554 to specify that points earned in Versatility Ranch Horse classes count only toward ranch-horse division events and will not affect leveling in any other class. Effective immediately, Versatility Ranch Horse exhibitors are subject to the rule change.

During the 2018 AQHA Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, the AQHA Ranching Committee received a rule-change proposal asking AQHA to specify in Rule SHW554 that VRH points do not cross over to AQHA ranch riding points. The Executive Committee approved the rule change protecting exhibitor level status and VRH points.

Effective immediately, the second sentence of SHW554 reads, “Points earned in each individual class only count toward any award or qualification for the ranch-horse division and do not count toward any other award or qualification for any other approved AQHA class or AQHA show award, and shall not affect leveling in any other class.”

This means an exhibitor’s AQHA ranch riding points and Versatility Ranch Horse ranch riding points are calculated separately and are not combined. If an exhibitor has less than 25 points in AQHA ranch riding, (not including VRH ranch riding points), then the exhibitor is Level 1 eligible for 2018.

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