On April 4, 2019, a positive Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) result was confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national reference laboratory for a horse located on a premises in the rural municipality of Lakeview, SK.

The horse had been sampled by an accredited veterinarian at the owner’s request prior to it being moved to a separate premises. No clinical signs of disease were noted at the time of sampling.

A CFIA investigation is underway and, as per program policy, a quarantine has been placed on the infected horse and its on-premises contact animals. The quarantine will remain until all disease response activities have been completed, including follow-up testing and ordering the destruction of positive cases. Trace-out activities may require the CFIA to undertake actions at additional premises as outlined in the current policy.

Please see the CFIA website for a map of cases. More details may be found on the CAHSS website.