Back in August we wrote about luxury fashion brand Burberry’s latest ad  for its new men’s fragrance Burberry Hero. The commercial starred “it” man/heartthrob/villain Adam Driver (Girls, Star Wars) as he keeps pace alongside a galloping palomino on the beach before both man and beast dive into the water.

The video went viral and became so meme-worthy there’s even a site compiling the best ones. Now, Driver has spoken out for the first time about the video and his relationship with horses.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Driver admits to not being on an “Errol Flynn” level of riding prowess. But filming the ad wasn’t his first rodeo, either.

“The horse trainer on this shoot was the same person that I worked with before on this movie called Don Quixote. I’d done some things before with horses and I’ve ridden, off and on, when I was a kid,” he tells the interviewer. “I had a couple scares on a horse so I knew if they were running at me to run in the opposite direction. But nothing quite like this — wading in a body of water and have them charge at you, and trying to get out of their way and grab their mane and ride them onto the shore.”

Driver explained that, as is the norm, there wasn’t one palomino equine co-star but several, in order to ensure the animals were kept safe and healthy during the film shoot. “There were lots of horses because they can only run them so much. It’s like one horse and five of its clones,” he says. “And they all have different personalities and different temperaments, so that was just a thrill. One horse is more drunk than the other and you have to adapt.”

One thing that social media and well, every red-blooded human noticed, was how in shape Driver was. Which, when your body is to be compared to that of a fit horse, must be tip-top. He briefly discussed his need to work out for the Burberry role and how demanding the filming was. “I think I underestimated how physical it was going to be,” he says to Vogue. “Our first shot is a guy on an ATV and a camera, matching his pace, to a horse’s pace, to my pace and we’re doing it in 30 minutes because we’re chasing the light. Every shot was ambitious and really exhausting but, hopefully, worth it.”

We have to agree, it’s worth it indeed. We mean because of the horse, of course *wink*.

Read the full Vogue interview here.