Aurora, Ontario – Horse Sport is proud to present French riding Master Philippe Karl on July 10, 11 & 12 at Stirling Farm in King City, ON.

Philippe has dedicated his life to working with horses. He was appointed as a member of the French national riding school in Saumur by General Pierre Durand. Later, as Ecuyer at the prestigious Cadre Noir, Philippe created two historical shows that included presentations on the long rein in both jumping and Haute École. For 13 years, he was part of the gala shows of the Cadre Noir in France and toured throughout Europe until he left in 1998 to give his own clinics around the world. In 2004, Philippe founded the School of Légèreté in order to pass on his philosophy to committed and qualified riding teachers.

Horse Sport magazine is pleased to present Philippe Karl in his first North American event. Six riders will be featured in one-hour sessions each day of the clinic, followed by a two-hour lecture. The skill level of the riders will vary from FEI to Young Riders as well as accomplished amateurs to give the audience a broad learning experience.

The clinic is presented in association with Xenora Horse Empowerment, founded by Hans Hollenbach. Hollenbach is the Canadian representative of the Xenophon society, a world-wide organization committed to upholding and preserving the art of classical dressage riding. Xenophon was founded in Germany by concerned trainers, riders, veterinarians and coaches like Klaus Balkenhol, Ingrid Klimke and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, who believe that a return to the fundamental principles of classical equestrianism is urgently required.

“Philippe Karl not only talks about classical teaching, he truly understands and follows the old Masters,” commented Hollenbach. “I admire him as a trainer that will not compromise his teaching to accommodate the pressures of the market or style that is ‘en vogue’ today. Philippe’s methods help riders on the quest to find their way back to ‘the art of riding’ not dominance over the horse at all cost.”

Tickets are on sale now and start at $95. To order yours call 1-800-505-7428 or order online at

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