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Zelador Shows Spring Song How It’s Done

The following is a training diary from the past week. May 5 Monday before riding practiced walk, big walk, trot, walk, halt along the wall on lead, developing a soft, slow trot that won’t jar my neck or old bones….

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Schomberg Agricultural Society Farm Tour Wrap-Up

2014 was the 10th Annual Schomberg Agricultural Society Farm Tour. I’ve enjoyed visiting the sites year after year, filling my car with friends for nine of the ten years. The Tour is usually early in March (this year March 8)…

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10th Annual Schomberg Agricultural Society’s Farm Tour

The 10th Annual Schomberg Agricultural Society’s Farm Tour is Saturday March 8th from 10 AM to 3PM (no dogs please). Winsong Farm is on the tour, site number 7. We’ll have cookies and warm drinks available (if you’d like to…

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In Which We Investigate Safety Solutions for Icy Roofs

The HUGE ice storm in the Greater Toronto Area before Christmas 2013 formed a sheet of ice on our arena roof. In some spots the ice was more than three inches thick. We had a few days with the temperature…

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They Liked the Rodeo?

The first show for the fundraiser was last Saturday. I asked a teenage girl which she liked best. We had just returned the horses to their stalls after the performance and were standing in front of the bank barn. She…

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Get the Winsong Farm Fundraiser Details

Come to the Winsong Farm Fall Fundraiser. Get the details here.

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Getting Ready for the Autmunal Fundraiser

I introduced two new horses to clicker training, Jack and Carrie. Much to my surprise Jack was able to walk and trot around me at liberty the first day! He was also good at coming in from his circle to…

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Winsong Farms Autumnal Fundraiser

Winsong Farms Autumnal Fundraiser is for Perfectly Stable. There are two performances: Saturday September 28th and Sunday October 6th (both days starting at 2:00). Pre-registration only. Pre-register by contacting Winnie Stott at  The cost is $10 per person.

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Marie-Lynn Hammond in a Special “Barn” Concert!

You are invited to Winsong Farm to enjoy Marie-Lynn Hammond in a Special “Barn” Concert, which will take place Sunday June 23rd at 2:00 p.m. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for teens. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Marie-Lynn Hammond has just released…

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Playing with Holey Feed Tubs

The first fundraiser show is a few days away. Snow covers the ground…again…but Sunday’s weather forecast is SUNNY! In and around all of the practicing for the show I’ve been having fun playing with the holey feed tubs. I have…

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