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Techno de la Bassanne ridden by Hassan Salman al Sabri, is wearing the typical desert arrangement of long-shanked lever bit. There is also very low set, tight grackle noseband.

No Tack Monitoring in Endurance Raises Welfare Concerns

The FEI has admitted it is difficult to monitor the entire field of play in endurance, and that it welcomes observer intervention, in a letter sent to members of the public last week. The letter responds to social media furore…

In the case of Bogaerts vs the Attorney General of Ontario, the court has ruled‎ that it is unconstitutional for the Government of Ontario to permit a charity to provide enforcement of welfare legislation.

Court Rules it is Unconstitutional for OSPCA to Enforce Animal Welfare Laws

On January 2, 2019, a decision was made in Superior Court which will impact the enforcement of provincial animal welfare legislation in Ontario. In the case of Bogaerts vs the Attorney General of Ontario, the court has ruled‎ that it…

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Guelph Study Examines Equine Welfare in Canada

What would you list as a threat to the welfare of horses in Canada? What actions could we take to fix this? Questions like these may not always be the first thing on the mind of most horse lovers, but…

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Is Welfare ‘Paramount’ – or Just a Pain in the Neck?

On Saturday, I went National Hunt racing to support a friend’s horse. He was caught on the line for third place, but connections were thrilled as he has come back from a couple of niggles last year and runs and…

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