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Mat Work: Part 1

Why on earth would I want to teach my horse to stand on a mat? At first glance, it seems like an easy enough thing to do, and perhaps it is, if you only look at the “big picture” and…

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Targeting: Part 2

It is time to play with your human “horse” again for the next part of food delivery. This next step is one that helps develop space management of your horse by using food delivery. We are going to add in…

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Targeting: Part 1

I hope you had fun practicing you food delivery mechanical skills. You will be happy to know we are ready to get your horse started on targeting. You should be getting very fluid and confident in your basic food delivery/target…

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Food Delivery Part 2: Time to Target

What now? The horse, right? No, not yet! Now that you have your food delivery skills perfected, it’s time to add another new skill: handling a target. A target can be anything that is easy to hold and is horse…

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