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New eBook: Shergar, Kidnapping the Wonder Horse

Shergar, the champion racehorse disappeared into an ominous Irish fog one February night in 1983 and was never seen again. The scenario was something out of a Hollywood blockbuster: The gloomy dusk of the Irish countryside, balaclava clad men, machine…

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Shergar: The Mystery behind Ireland’s ‘Pegasus’: Part II

In Part I of this blog, we went back almost 30 years to February 8th, 1983, when Shergar, Ireland’s famous and successful racehorse turned stud, was kidnapped from his stables in County Leitrim, Ireland during  “The Troubles” – that period…

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Shergar: The Mystery behind Ireland’s ‘Pegasus’ Part I

Shergar the racehorse may not be a household name in North America, but in Ireland he is remembered as a nation’s favourite racing “son.” Sadly, along with those memories are recollections of “The Troubles,” the killing and strife that existed…

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