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My Mother Dresses Me Funny: Part 2

So let’s continue on from last week’s blog… After a week’s worth of practicing you should be ready to bet that $100! Once this ‘going to the target’ behaviour is solid and predictable (see the Eggo stationary targeting video in…

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Cue Transfer: Part 2

I hope you all had fun playing with transferring the head down cue from the lead to a lifted hand. Now let’s look another cue transfer. I now want Oli to put his head down when I turn on the…

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Playing with Head Down and Cue Transfer: Part 1

Now that you have head down using a lift of the lead rope, make sure it is solid…that you get head down promptly every time you lift the lead. Now we can have some fun and play with cue transfer….

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Happy Faces

The next foundation lesson is called Happy Faces. Whether it is yourself doing the smiling or being on the receiving end of a smile, smiles just make you feel good. Behaviour and emotion are neurophysiologically linked so when you change…

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Mat Work: Part 2

Hopefully you had some fun and success playing with targeting to the mat, but possibly you have one of those horses who has some issues from being MADE to do stuff and so is very afraid to try it. In…

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Lounging Around Town

Mike and Kelly arrived last Wednesday just before noon to ship Zelador to a nearby farm to practice sitting on his bean bag in a totally new location. This exercise was set in motion last week when Sue and Rick…

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Clicker Gear

One of the biggest keys to success with clicker training, like any form of training, is about how to set things up to be successful before you actually do any training. Most people don’t think too much about what they…

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