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Courage to Ask

This morning Dominique was riding Zeloso and Zelador, once again, was waiting patiently on a pedestal. Dominique rode all of the fun walk stuff I’d described to Sally yesterday. We also threw in a few hints at piaffe steps. Zeloso…

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Vitall is A-Ok

Vitall just had his final check-up this past week and he is A-Ok! He has been going amazing, feeling better than ever, and now we have the green light from his ultrasound showing that everything looks good and we will…

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Practicing for the Show

Sunday was our first practice from beginning to end of the Fundraiser program. In the morning I took each of the boys to the arena and went through bits and pieces of their acts. Zeloso was first. He was such…

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Zelador’s Piaffe Progresses

We decided since it’s spring (and just barely above zero, with clouds and rain and the forecast of strong winds) that we’d try to film the stage of development that Zelador is at in his piaffe. Zeloso is also in…

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Right now there is a lockdown on all horses in every stable. Horses are not allowed to be transported at the moment due to a rhinovirus outbreak. Lots of shows have been cancelled. But the main problem is not the…

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Tweaking the Performances

With “Family Day” creating a long weekend, Bill and I were able to work with both boys together at liberty for three days in a row. We placed the boys on their pedestals and worked on motions for “Knees Up…

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Twenty-one Months of Piaffe

I started teaching Zelador and Zeloso the piaffe in May 2010. We began in the stall with the horse raising one hind leg, holding it up for a short time, then putting it back down. Click/treat. Occasionally a month or…

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Zelador Does the Piaffe Under Saddle

Here’s Christi on Zelador. She doesn’t weigh very much…and I figured Zelador would appreciate my attempt to make his transition from learning the piaffe at liberty to under saddle a bit easier.

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Zelador Learning the Piaffe

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A Little Excitement

I rode Zelador out back the other day. Marcus, the Dutch Warmblood yearling, was in the adjoining paddock and he was very curious about this grey horse I was riding. Marcus kept as close as the north-south fence would allow…

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