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Zelador As Director

Today, again, I shook my head in disbelief. Just how smart is Zelador? He and I were practicing for the fundraiser. I got Zelador ready for “Alice the Camel”. I put the camel cloth on him and asked him to…

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Playing With Pax

Two circumstances have coincided: 1. The pedestals and teeter-totter are in the small roundish pen attached to the lower barn because the final touches are being applied to the new indoor arena footing. 2. Pax’s family is in England and…

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Excellent Progress by Everyone

Wedneday Marcus got to be “Marcus”. I didn’t play with him. Thursday he walked all over the blue tarp, eating treats. He walked off it (moving forward, not backing up) twice. Wednesday the five on the hill had a short…

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About two years ago Jim came to Winsong Farm to watch the horses play. Jim is probably almost as old as I am and he has bred horses for decades. He made a very interesting comment after the horses were…

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A Bit of Excitement Out Back

We had quite a bit of fun today in the arena after I rode Zelador out back where he did a stag jump over a pole on the ground. What a devil! I stayed on, but my stirrup length was…

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