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My Mother Dresses Me Funny: Part 1

Seems winter is upon us, here in Alberta at least, and that means the daily chore for some of us of blanketing. Being inherently lazy or maybe just being the kind of person who likes chores to be efficient or…

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Mat Work and Trailers: Part 2

I hope you played with mats and moving them to different locations last week and worked a bit on building duration as well after your horse was ok in the new locations. This week we are going to add in…

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Mat Work and Trailers: Part 1

Trailer loading, just like any other behaviour we would ask our horses to do, must have had been taught before we can ask, and expect, the horse to perform that behaviour. An even more important question to ask is have…

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Mats and Horse Agility

More things to do with your mat work! Once you start thinking differently about how you train the possibilities are endless. Take for instance horse agility obstacles. Horse agility seems to be becoming increasingly popular. After watching a video on…

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