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Z and Z on their Pedestals

Here’s my latest project with Zelador and Zeloso: Since last Friday I’ve taken Z and Z to the arena (always need a helper to get them to and fro) and worked with them at liberty for ten minutes (no more…

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The Camera Loves Him

Here are a few photos taken by Ellen Cameron recently. I particularly like the “white blur”!

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As if it Were the First Time

I’ve noticed something lately…if I approach the horse pretending that I’m asking him to do something that he’s never done before, even if he’s done it a thousand times, he does it beautifully and happily. Why? Because I’m asking him…

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Driving While Distracted

Last Monday, Sue came. Our agenda is: the education of Zelador. Three minutes before she arrived the work crew pulled up to the arena. Their job is to install solar panels on the arena roof. Talk about excellent timing… We…

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Playing with Holey Feed Tubs

The first fundraiser show is a few days away. Snow covers the ground…again…but Sunday’s weather forecast is SUNNY! In and around all of the practicing for the show I’ve been having fun playing with the holey feed tubs. I have…

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Zelador As Director

Today, again, I shook my head in disbelief. Just how smart is Zelador? He and I were practicing for the fundraiser. I got Zelador ready for “Alice the Camel”. I put the camel cloth on him and asked him to…

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Getting Ready for the Show

Today the tape player worked at normal speed! Unbelieveable! Zelador and I practiced “Alice the Camel”. Allen sings the five hump and four hump verses while Zelador is getting his outfit on. The song goes like this: “Alice the camel…

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Zelador Showing Off for the Ladies

This weekend, two girls were here with one of the people who has a horse here, Kristy, and they wanted to see Zelador at liberty. The girls might be 8-10 years old. They did a lot of giggling and Zelador…

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Warm Fuzzy Feelings in the Cold

Something really interesting happened. I created the three signs: “I love carrots”, “I love treats” and “I love studmuffins”. We played this new game in the stall. Zelador obviously enjoyed going to a specific sign, coming back to me and…

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Nose Away!

To help get me through this cold winter I bought Jutta Wiemers book “From Leading to Liberty, 100 Training Games your Horse Will Want to Play”. It contains the following paragraph: “When parking (standing still) is established you should demand…

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