Heidi Telstad


Canadian Shares in Three-Way Mongol Derby Tie

At 9:51 a.m. local time, Heidi Telstad from Canada, Will Comiskey from Australia, and Marcia Hefker-Miles from New Mexico, crossed the finish line, arms together, to take a triple dead heat in the 2016 Mongol Derby, the world’s longest and toughest horse race. They gave thanks to the horses, herders and people of Mongolia for […]
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Canadian Leading the Pack in Mongol Derby

The 2016 Mongol Derby, certainly this year living up to its name as the world’s longest and toughest horse race (“and it’s raining again….”) is set for a nail biting finish with any of five riders in a position to take the title. At horse station 27, the last station before the finish, are William […]