Fort Erie Race Track

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Transportation Subsidy at Fort Erie Race Track

This season at Fort Erie Race Track, a transportation subsidy in theamount of $300 will be available for eligible owners of horses shipping in to race QuarterHorses on the mixed-card race days being held on Monday, July 2nd, Sunday, July …

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Fort Erie Celebrate’s 115th Season of Live Racing

Racing fans, horse people and equine athletes are set for the gate to open on Sunday, May 6th marking the historic track’s 115th season of live racing.  A 10 race card will feature close to 100 Thoroughbreds who will be …

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ORC Issues Final Race Date Schedule for Fort Erie Race Track

Further to the Notice to the Industry issued December 20, 2011 regarding the conditional approval of the 2012 race dates for Fort Erie Race Track, and given that no applications were received to vary the 2012 schedule, the Director is …

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Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Begins at Fort Erie

The Ontario Jackpot Futurity and Ontario Jackpot Derby kicked off the opening of Quarter Horse racing at Fort Erie on Saturday, October 8th.

The nomination to the Jackpot races began April 1st, and preference for entry to the races was …

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Fort Erie Friendship Festival of Racing for Quarter Horses

Southern Ontario is the place to race for top Quarter Horses July 2nd through July 5th. The province’s two Quarter Horse racing venues, Ajax Downs and Fort Erie Race Track are preparing to host the continent’s leading runners over an …