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Fire Safety Tips from Equine Guelph

Checklists and reminders can be your best friends when it comes to fire safety. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chores and move seemingly less important items indefinitely to the “get around to it when time”…

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Awareness Training for Large Animal Rescue

Always Expect the Unexpected Last month, Equine Guelph kicked off its series of emergency response rescue courses with a reception attended by over 50 key stakeholders, including a lecture by special guest, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez. In addition to the reception,…

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Fire Safety on the Farm – Reducing the Risk

Barn fires are every horse owner’s worst nightmare, one that can bring significant emotional and economic loss. However, the sad fact is that many barn fires could have largely been prevented by applying a few basic principles. The most reliable…

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