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Dr Sarah Coombs, chair of the FEI’s endurance temporary committee, spoke about the importance of equine welfare and the meaning of horsemanship in the sport of endurance.

New Mind-set at the Heart of Latest Endurance Reforms

A complete change in mind-set is at the heart of the endurance reforms presented at the FEI Sports Forum earlier this week. New measures will require horses and riders to upgrade by demonstrating consistency, with speeds capped at 18kph until…

Techno de la Bassanne ridden by Hassan Salman al Sabri, is wearing the typical desert arrangement of long-shanked lever bit. There is also very low set, tight grackle noseband.

No Tack Monitoring in Endurance Raises Welfare Concerns

The FEI has admitted it is difficult to monitor the entire field of play in endurance, and that it welcomes observer intervention, in a letter sent to members of the public last week. The letter responds to social media furore…

A screenshot taken from a video filmed at Kings Cup CEI in Bahrain, where a top-placed horse was illegally injected in the final vet-gate.

FEI Investigates ‘Illegal Jab’ Video

Prominent figures in Bahrain endurance are being investigated by the FEI following allegations that a top-placed horse in last weekend’s King’s Cup race was illegally injected in the final vet-gate. It has also emerged that Ahmed Janahi, registered trainer of…

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its third in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters.

Endurance Temporary Committee Holds Third In-Person Meeting

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its third in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today following yesterday’s meetings with stakeholders. Stéphane Chazel (FRA), member of the elected FEI Endurance Technical Committee, currently unable to function as a full committee, and Dr Martha…

The Endurance Temporary Committee met with reps from each of the FEI Regional Groups, World Horse Welfare and the Alliance of Endurance Organisers.

Endurance Temporary Committee Meets with Stakeholders 

The Endurance Temporary Committee, set up by the FEI Board in October 2018 to review the discipline with the remit of bringing the sport back to its original roots of Endurance riding rather than Endurance racing, has met with a…

Following news that the American Endurance Ride Conference and US Equestrian Federation have parted ways, U.S. endurance riders have been left in limbo.

U.S. Endurance in Limbo After Governing Bodies Split

American endurance riders planning to compete internationally this year may have some gaps in their schedules. Following the overnight severance of their national body from the US Equestrian Federation, competitors have been left wondering if there will be any FEI…

The Endurance Temporary Committee held its second in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters to continue carrying out an in-depth review of the discipline rules.

Endurance Temporary Committee Holds Second In-Person Meeting

The Endurance Temporary Committee, which has continued to receive a vast amount of feedback from the Endurance community, held its second in-person meeting at FEI Headquarters today to continue working on its remit of carrying out an in-depth review of…

Alex Luque Moral of Spain on Calandria PH leads after the restart of the endurance ride at WEG Tryon.

Token reimbursement offered for disastrous Tryon endurance ride

Countries represented in the abandoned endurance ride at the World Equestrian Games are to be reimbursed 1000 CHF ($1006) per rider by the FEI. The token sum – equivalent to the entry fee – is described as a “subsidy” in…

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Canada’s Mark Samuel to Work with New FEI Endurance Committee

The FEI Bureau has set up a Temporary Committee with a remit to urgently assess the issues currently affecting the sport of Endurance and carry out an in-depth review of the rules in order to identify the most effective way…

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Round Up of Recent Endurance Doping Case Rulings

Two endurance riders whose horses tested positive to Trometamol have been suspended for six months each – a reduced sanction for a banned substance because Trometamol is being re-classified as a controlled medication. The FEI Tribunal also noted that neither…

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