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Gathering of Canadians

Here are some photos taken at a gathering of Canadians (horse breed and people!). Pax put on a brief demonstration. Ron (his owner) and Bill (my husband) went to Allen Pogue’s Trick Training Camp in April. Ron returned from Texas…

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Best Seat in the House

Here’s a recent photo. Zelador is now an old pro at sitting. I emailed Allen Pogue with a sitting photo and he replied that of last count there were fourteen horses at his Red Horse Ranch that could sit on…

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New Furniture for the Arena

These photos were taken on a Saturday, and Zelador was able to put a bit of weight on his hind end when at the bean bag. Monday Sue Parker worked with us and he actually sat on the bean bag…

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A Note from Allen Pogue

Here’s a note and a few photos from Allen Pogue ( and some photos he took recently in Austin, Texas where his Red Horse Ranch is.  

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