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What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 4

The second key revolves around Ken Ramirez’s definition of an advanced training technique. An advanced training technique is anything that requires experience to use well and which two or more trainers cannot agree on. I have always loved that definition….

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What to Leave Behind, What to Take Forward: Part 1

I wanted to share Alexandra Kurland’s reply to a recent question posted in the online course forum here, as it says so many things that people new to clicker training need to know, and there was no point in writing…

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Well-Prepared Companionship

I thought I’d share some interesting words from Alexandra Kurland this week for the blog: Well-Prepared Companionship Most of us have had a tough winter. With the extreme cold this winter it’s been hard to work with our horses. This…

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Muggy Horse: Part 1

But my horse is STILL muggy! So what if you have tried to follow the steps but your horse is still not great at grown-ups? You now have the cleverest horse in your barn but in between being brilliant he…

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Building a Solid Foundation with Foundation Lessons

All good training begins with a solid foundation. Just like building a house, if the foundation isn’t solid there will be issues with the structure later on and you will have to either put Band-Aid solutions in place to ‘fix’…

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Warm Fuzzy Feelings in the Cold

Something really interesting happened. I created the three signs: “I love carrots”, “I love treats” and “I love studmuffins”. We played this new game in the stall. Zelador obviously enjoyed going to a specific sign, coming back to me and…

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More Clicker Magic

Lately Zelador has decided that when travelling along the wall to the left he should place his head to the right…bummer. Today I used the clicker to help him flex to the left. I was in the saddle and we…

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