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Community Impact Statement for Ontario Case of Animal Abuse

Criminal litigator D. Sid Freeman will write a Community Impact Statement to present to the Court in the animal cruelty case against the Small family.


Trio Accused of Animal Cruelty Avoid Court Again

Three Ontario people accused of animal cruelty, in an ongoing case of horrific abuse and neglect, once again failed to appear in court today, August 13th.

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Cruelty Case Against Smalls Moves Toward Pre-Trial

The ongoing Ontario cruelty case against David Lee, Jason Leroy and Victoria Small is moving forward, with a pre-trial date set for December 4, 2018.


Will an Abused Horse Named Justice Find Justice in Court?

An abused horse, rescued by Sound Equine Oregon, is suing his former owner for more than $100,000 to pay for veterinary bills as well as pain and suffering.


Update on Ontario Animal Cruelty Case

David Lee, Victoria and Jason Leroy Small failed to appear in court for a third time, to face nine counts of animal cruelty and abuse causing death.