Tuesday I put out lots of objects in the arena that were red in colour. One item was a red towel that we use when we sing “When You’re Happy and You Know It Catch the Towel.” Zelador loved the red towel. Every split second that he wasn’t being asked to do something he went to the red towel, picked it up and swung it around, very pleased with himself.

I put the red towel back on the peg board which is located to the right of the door to the barn.

Wednesday I introduced Zeloso to “red.” We were having a good time walking around talking about the red bucket, the red cylinder, the red ball. There was a slight break in our play and he walked over to the wall with all the toys and was carefully inspecting several of them. He went to the peg board, which has several different coloured towels, a bag containing badminton rackets, the jump ropes and a few other objects. Zeloso very deftly removed the red towel from the peg board without disturbing anything else. (This was quite a feat in itself!)

He came to me swinging the red towel, obviously very pleased with himself!

As I exchanged a treat for the towel I laughed. I could just see Zelador and Zeloso in their stalls at night, talking about the games they played that day with me.