June25collage.jpgHere are some photos of Zeloso. We have the green polos on him for work on the rotating top pedestal. He’s just learning how to place a hoof on it. We wanted to protect his legs just in case he gets inventive and does something we haven’t anticipated.

Bill introduced Zeloso to the ridged ball today. We took Allen Pogue’s advice and placed him on the pedestal (after failing to teach him when he was standing on the ground). Allen teaches new things on the pedestal and now we know why. There’s much more focus!!!!

The photo of the big pink bunny is a blurr. He LOVES his pink bunny and swings it up and down, side to side…

Zeloso learned to pick up the sleigh bells yesterday. Only problem is getting them out of his mouth. But saying, “BIG SMILE” and offering a treat helps preserve the bells.

As far as the box is concerned…Zeloso delights in showing his ability to lift it once he’s opened it.