This weekend, two girls were here with one of the people who has a horse here, Kristy, and they wanted to see Zelador at liberty. The girls might be 8-10 years old. They did a lot of giggling and Zelador loved them!

We tried a new idea for the song “A Place in the Choir”. Here’s how it went: Zelador stood politely on a pedestal while our imaginary Allen Kalpin came front and centre and sang the first verse. Zelador was watching. For verse two Zelador went around the pedestals, changing direction, being very “cool”. For the next few verses Zelador fetched stuffed animals to sing in the choir. He brought them to a low pedestal. With the froggie we had a slight delay because he had a hoof on froggie when he was just about to pick up the sweetie with his teeth. I had to intervene or we would have had a dismembered froggie. He fetched the Teddy Bear. He tried to take the froggie back to the barrel next to the wall. I intervened…again. He fetched the bunny (there is no mention of a bunny in the song…however, the bunny is very cute). Surprisingly, all this activity for just three choir members took up a couple of verses AND was very entertaining (lots of giggles from the girls). For the final verse/chorus our imaginary Allen moved to one of the low pedestals and Zelador went up on the tall pedestal. I offered him a baton to direct the choir and he took it. You KNOW he loves directing!

It went really well!