The Friday lecture on Working Equitation will start at 7:00 at our house (5220 15th Sideroad, King City). I know it’s a bit early for elves and workshops, but, BOY! Bill’s been busy! He just placed the six six foot high bending poles in the arena. The cement they’re in has been settling in the basement for a few days.

Bill thought about and designed a wooden piece to add to the top of the bull so that the ring can be placed there instead of draping over the neck. The videos we’ve seen show the horses cantering past the bull and the rider spearing the ring without alerting the horse’s stride. Whereas the procedure at Winsong Farm has been much more sedate. With the ring on the neck the rider has ridden to the bull at a walk, tried to maintain the rhythm and spear the thing. More often than not, the rider had to bring the horse to a halt. Of course there were those all too numerous times when the spear/ring refused to cooperate and the rider had to circle and approach, yet again.

With this new attachment, WATCH OUT! We’re going to be movin’!

Santa’s Workshop still contains one more item: the gate attachment. Up till now we’ve been pantomiming touching an attachment, raising it, opening the gate and closing the gate. Those days will soon be past.

Hope you can join us this weekend.

Winnie and Bill