On March 4th, we’re going to host a House Concert (at the house, not the arena!) with musician Marie-Lynn Hammond. She has several horse songs and many others that she’ll play for us. AND, animal communicator, Lauren Bode, will be here to do readings from photographs. Each reading will be ten minutes long and cost $20.

The afternoon will begin at 1:30. Lauren will do a few readings. At 2:00 Marie-Lynn and another musician will start the concert. The concert will have two 45 minute sessions with a 20 to 30 minute intermission. Lauren will do readings during the intermission and following the house concert.

The house concert cost is $15 if you pay before February 26 and $20 after that date. All money from the concert and the readings goes to the musicians.

Pre-registration is required.

Marie-Lynn helped us with our October 30th fundraiser. She sang and played the guitar. Lauren Bode has been to the farm twice this past year (in May and December). Our vet was here after both sessions and my vet verified that Lauren was “right on” with communicating what physical conditions the horses wanted their owners aware of. Pax, the Canadian, insisted on both occasions that he likes the colour red. He also wanted his owner to know that he loves liberty work and games…and that he really doesn’t need to be ridden.