winnie_nicole_clinic.jpgWinsong Farm is hosting a clinic July 28-31 with Nicole Weinauge who is a certified instructor in Philippe Karl’s “School of Lightness”. My email friend in Australia has attended sessions with Philippe and with Nicole and says Nicole is excellent at explaining things. She delves into the physiological reasons for riding with the principles of the School of Lightness.

Nicole sent some photos. I particularly like two of them: the one showing renvers and the photo with Nicole helping the horse understand flexions.

Looks like all eight riding slots for each of the four days are filled. There is room for auditors and we welcome people to come and learn more about this classical approach.

My boys will enjoy two sessions each day. One will be under saddle, the other working in-hand. The first session with a rider Nicole will evaluate the tack, the horse’s teeth, the musculature, etc. and make recommendations where needed. Each rider is to indicate what the lesson content will be. The list includes: dressage, body alignment, jumping, jumping on the longe, working in-hand. She’s scheduled a dinner for all participants (auditor’s too) on the second and third nights. These meals will be pot luck.

Vizsla puppy number eight (Miss Silver) goes to her new home this afternoon. Bill says, “I quite like her!” I’ll forward some photos soon. She’s had two days without her siblings and has adjusted beautifully. It’ll be incredibly quiet around here without a little one. Sniff…