May 22 from 6:00-8:00 in the evening the Wake Robin Pony Club came to Winsong Farm to watch us play with our horses. There were about 15 Pony Clubbers and five adults. The Winsong Horses loved them! Especially KYE! When Kye was 18-years-old Sophie Kalpin rode him for one eventing season. Her horse, Blue Executive, was recovering from a hoof infection. She took Kye everywhere. One of his trips was to a Pony Club event at Checkmate. When Sophie and Kye returned from it she said that Kye was the most popular horse there. Everyone adored him. Pony Clubbers were always outside his stall, petting his cute face and telling him how wonderful he was. Kye totally agreed.

The following year Sophie took Blue Executive to all of the events. Kye seemed quite content to have a normal summer with his owner, Bill. HOWEVER, one Friday afternoon when Sophie was preparing Blue Executive for the upcoming event Kye was beside himself. He was pacing in his stall, calling to anyone and everyone. We all asked, “What’s going on with Kye!!!???” Then the coin dropped. Sophie was preparing to travel to the Pony Club event at Checkmate! Kye somehow knew this and demanded that he go, too!!!!!

Back to Friday evening with the Wake Robin Pony Club visiting Winsong Farm. I introduced everyone to each of the six horses in our lower barn. This included Kye. For the first few minutes Kye was his normal self. He pinned his ears and pretty much ignored the youngsters. Then…something clicked in his brain. He remembered that summer with Sophie seven years ago and morphed into the sweetest, cutest horse on the planet. He’d figured out that all these young people were HIS adoring fans.

Kye and the other horses blew bubbles, painted, touched specific objects and performed outdoors and in the arena. I introduced the group to clicker training and showed the horses a new game so the Pony Clubbers could see the first steps I take with each horse. I presented the horses with a BIG, green kitchen implement that was now a horse toothbrush. The green bristles are extremely soft and the horses loved how they felt on the nose.

The two hours with the Wake Robin pony club flew by. We all had a great time.

I received this email the next morning.

Hi Winnie,
Just wanted to email a comment from Lincoln (the sole male Pony Clubber in our group!). His mother, who also attended and had such a great time as well, shared it with me today:

“Lincoln has changed his mind about what he wants to do if we win the lottery. Instead of just buying a farm and a bunch of horses, he wants to open up a ‘pre-school for horses’ just like Winnie’s.”

What an amazing inspiration you and your horses have given him!!!

Hope you’re enjoying this warmer day, although it’s still quite windy Thanks again for yesterday, we really enjoyed it.

Keep Calm & Carry On!