Following are my thoughts of my ride on Zelador today and the comments dressage judge and good friend, Lynda Southam, sent in return.

From Winnie:

Well, I’ve noticed since the second week in June that I can get on Zelador and not feel that incredible nervous energy under me. I’m able to ride him after leading him around the arena, then getting on. He walks off when I ask him to (not forging off when he feels like it) and is relaxed.


In the past it would be life threatening to get on him without a thorough longeing. That energy was all over the place!


I was talking with Beverley Chubb (who started the boys) and observed that Zelador was finding inner peace and that someday his trot work would be as calm as his walk. AND after the trot, the canter would be relaxed (vibrant and alive, but relaxed!) She agreed that the horse would develop one gait at a time.


Today was IT. I was able to trot him on both reins doing six nine meter circles in the arena (a circle at each corner and in the middle of each long side). This was an incredible accomplishment.


Etienne Leroy once commented as I was riding Zelador after Etienne had meticulously prepared him for me, “Cadence is not a miracle. It’s hard work.”


I monitored and adjusted every stride I rode at the trot today.


The rhythm and circles are still in my mind. I’m so very proud of Zelador!!!

From Lynda

I’m proud of YOU Winnie! You really are taking your time with both horses and your results will show this in the long run! It is a pleasure to hear that you have so much patience… and it really IS about the journey!!!