The saga of the fibreglass horses being painted for the Pan-Am games continues. The Winsong Farm horses did not get permission to paint or to help paint a 15hh fibreglass horse. So we improvised.

Yesterday afternoon Liz Martin drew a chalk horse on the barn wall. When Bill took Zeloso to this roundish pen today Zeloso had a VERY close look at the new addition! It took him a few looks and several minutes to relax and step to the wall to closely examine the “horse”.

When Bill brought Zelador to join his brother, Zelador took one quick look at the chalk horse, then walked calmly to a flake of hay.

A few hours later Liz and I gathered paint brushes and paint.

The first seven images show Zelador and his first vertical painting session. He surprised me. Usually he likes his canvas just above the ground…like grass. It was a huge step in his painting to be able to work on a vertical canvas. The last one shows Zeloso at work. He has painted vertically in the past, but was more interested in playing two games which he designed: “toss the paint brush”, then “sniff the paint on the ground where the paint brush landed”.