Well, Zelador did a fabulous job today at liberty. I’ve played with the game, on and off for many years, of putting toys in a bucket…cleaning up after playing. I’ve never really gotten very far. I’ve used plastic garbage cans. These are very interesting to the horses and the horses tend to enjoy taking things out of these plastic containers. They seem to like disappearing out of sight as the head goes deep into the container. I’ve also used rubber buckets, which are light weight and horse-friendly. If I position the bucket in my hand at just the right height Zelador does drop the toy into it.

Today I had quite a few things scattered throughout the arena including: the blue tarp, the child’s wading pool, three different coloured rubber buckets, a red cloth cylinder, a blue one, a green cloth rectangular box, two 15” tall orange cones, the ringed toy (which is the only object that I’ve named “the toy”), the tub to put a foot in the middle.

Somehow (and I’m guessing Zelador sent pictures to me) I decided to have him bring objects to the wading pool. He was brilliant! The wading pool was quickly filled with buckets, cylinders, the toy and cones. I’d call out the name of an object, he’d fetch it and drop it in the wading pool. Quite a few times he tossed the toy into the pool from a bit of a distance. I’ve also been flirting with “toss the toy” for several years. He was handsomely rewarded for his brilliance!