Allen Pogue has a liberty move that he calls the waltz. The horse is circling around you and when you ask, the horse does a volte between you and his circle route, then continues circling around you. We started practicing to the right. I halted him, asked for the turn, helped when he needed to flex to the right and let him finish his turn.

We went to the left and Zelador did a lovely turn. I caught a glimpse of Tim Orlando walking outside and asked if he’d like to see the movement. He did. Zelador started walking around me to the left. He was about ten feet from me and did a perfect waltz turn at the walk.

A few minutes later I was putting his Bitless Bridle on in preparation to ride and I saw Beverley Chubb and asked if she’d like to see the waltz turn. She did.

I took off the bridle, leaving Zelador with nothing on his head and a saddle on his back. He minced around walking near me as we headed to the far end of the arena (this is where we practice our liberty work because the near end has the pedestals, ball, bull, bridge…)

When I maneuvered to send him to the left he zigged and I tapped him on the rump with the guiding “whip” (it has a soft green ball on the end of it). He bucked, cantered a bit, then came to me to find out which way I wanted him to circle. I sent him to the left and he trotted (we’d only done the waltz turn correctly at the walk). He was over fifteen metres away from me (perhaps twenty) and I called out, “Turn”. He did the turn beautifully and continued travelling to the left. Both Beverley and I were thrilled!

SO…I know that Zelador understands what I want and is capable of doing what I want. Now for the “I’m turning this into a game…prepare yourself” part of our “harmonious” relationship!