The view out the arena windows today was lovely.

The view out the arena windows was lovely.

About a month ago I got this bee in my bonnet. For some reason I’m keen to see if I can stand on Zelador and “ride”. Sue’s been helping with the baby steps towards this goal. Here are a few photos from today. This might be our fourth practice session. Before I started I talked with a vet and a saddle fitter about where to stand (or should I not do it at all). Both said that standing was fine and explained the horse’s anatomy so that I’d be at ease.

Last time was the first attempt at going “round the world” (sitting normally, turning and sitting like I’m on a couch, turning and facing the horse’s rump, turning and sitting on the couch, turning and finishing my trip around the world. I did this while Zelador was standing still, turning first counter-clockwise, then clockwise. After doing this successfully Sue led him and I went round the world. Of course Zelador’s walk steps were huge!!!!

It’s very interesting to be facing his rump when he’s walking. Quite a feeling! I can see why horses are used for physical therapy.

I’m quite content to stand, but haven’t conquered the mental or physical challenges surrounding standing while he walks.

I can crouch while he walks (no big deal) and stretch my legs and have my hands on the rings. (Not a problem.)

The view from WAY up there on his back is lovely.