My human and animal chiropractor, Dr. Leo Rosenberg, gave me a “Posture Prep cross-fiber groomer” (

I’ve used this twice on Zelador (two days in a row) and twice on Zeloso. I rode Zelador after using this groomer and when I got on his back very quickly it felt like he was already warmed up.

Zelador has expressed his opinion about being groomed and saddled every day, since day one! With the groomer he no longer says, “I can bite you!” He munches on hay quietly and lets me groom all over his body.

Here are the first few pages of the booklet that comes with the groomer:

The Posture Prep Cross Fiber Grooming System is designed to improve posture, performance and health by optimizing the myofascial system of the horse.

“Fascia is a sheet of fibrous tissue that envelopes the body beneath the skin. It also encloses muscles and groups of muscles and separates their several layers or groups.” –Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 24th Edition

When the fascia becomes inflamed or thickened it’s like a twisted piece of cellophane, reducing elasticity and causing more restriction. These restrictions can occur on a superficial or deep level. This special connective tissue also contains lymph and blood vessels as well as special nerve receptors that are also affected.

How is this system unique?
The Posture Prep groomer massages as you groom for a better pre-ride warm-up and a way to quickly evaluate your horse’s physical status. It’s also an excellent aid to help keep stall-bound horses healthier.

It differs from traditional grooming as you will use a straight back and forth stroke across the muscle fibers. This enables the fascia of the skin and the muscles to freely glide across each other by minimizing restrictive adhesions and scar tissue. The grooming system improves circulation, range of motion, and lymphatic drainage.

Did you Know?
The skin is the largest organ of your horse’s body – it protects against injury, regulates body temperature and prevents dehydration. It must be able to move freely across the underlying tissue. Your horse’s skin is his clothes.