During August we decided to raise money for Toronto Cat Rescue. Within a few days of that decision Amanda and Alex started training the barn cats to perform in the show. To everyone’s amazement the cats started learning tricks. The girls selected adorable music to accompany them and that’s when we cautioned that cats do have minds of their own. Cats just might NOT appear with 50 people gathered in the arena.

We had a rehearsal October 3rd. We video taped the entire performance and there was no doubt about it, the cats stole the show.

Then came the dress rehearsal. The cats acted like they’d never seen the girls or done a trick…

However, the day of the performance the cats were exquisite, AFTER scaring everyone because the felines could not be found. We had a back-up plan. Daniela raced to the house to grab the cat costume. Just as she was approaching the arena all dressed up and ready to go, the cats appeared.

During the weeks following the fundraiser I asked people what they enjoyed most. Invariably there were to acts that they lavished praise on: the cats and Men Doing Dressage!