You KNOW I could only be referring to Dora. Well, here’s what happened. I was in the lower barn minutes ago doing night feed, water top up and mucking out where needed. I let Dora out of her stall because she was NOT pounding on her gate. (A minor miracle.)

I was busy mucking out Zelador’s stall when I heard a nicker. I thought, “That’s unusual. Everyone’s in the barn and I’ve never heard a nicker under those circumstances.”

I left Zelador’s stall and the nicker happened again. I realized it was Angel speaking. I looked down the aisle towards her stall and notice that the barn door was slightly ajar AND there was no white pony terrorizing the aisle.

I went down to the door, picked up Angel’s lead line as I walked past her stall and stepped outside. The overhead light revealed the van parked at the door and I caught a glimpse of white on the far side of the vehicle. I mean, if you’re going to lose a horse in the dead of night at least make it a white one.

I called to Dora…reminiscent of the many times I’d called her when she was free in the arena. I placed my hand in my pocket (a sure sign that I’m searching for a treat to give her) and, lo and behold the sweetie and I met as we both headed to the front of the van. She kindly accepted the treat and allowed me to loop the lead line around her neck. Into the barn we went. I secured the tricky door behind us and turned Dora loose. I thanked Angel for telling me about the runaway. What a lovely girl Angel is!!!!! She knows what’s right and wrong.