A three feet wide and ten feet long teeter-totter is in the arena (where the striped pole was). The teeter-totter is mentioned in Linda Tellington-Jones’ book: “The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book”. I figured, “Boy, THIS is going to be SOMETHING!”

Ron made it. He and Steve, one of his brothers, brought it later today and placed it in the arena. The teeter-totter is designed so that all four feet of the horse can get on it and the teeter-totter doesn’t move. However, once the horse steps forward from that position, it moves. I fetched Pax from his stall and Ron introduced him to the new toy. The Canadian sniffed the end; stepped up on it with his front feet; moved forward when Ron asked; stood calmly with all four feet on it. Halted. Walked forward, felt the teeter, did NOT get upset and stepped off. He did this one more time in the same direction, then twice going in the other direction. BORING!!!

Tomorrow morning I’ll show it to Bucephalus, Kye, Zelador and Zeloso. Lindsey will see what Airosa thinks about it.

A jumping pole is resting under the fulcrum allowing the teeter-totter to go up and down a few inches. We’re starting at this low change and can make the up and down bigger later, if we want.

Congratulations to Ron for creating what appears to be a “Pax Proof Product”.