winnie_more_fundraiser.jpgI received some additional photos of the May first fundraiser from Ellen Cameron. Pierre and Allen were our “two-man-band”. We’re so fortunate to have wonderful musicians because they can “roll with the punches” when the horses get “creative”.

Brenda was our M.C. and Dart was right at her side making sure she remembered every little detail concerning the horses.

Dart thanked her by performing a spectacular front leg pawing rear.

Since the fundraiser we’ve been busy raising eight vizsla puppies born April 14th. This weekend they’re leaving us and travelling to their new homes. As each puppy exits, the remaining ones are very pensive and QUIET.

June 24th we’re putting on a short version of our fundraiser for the people where Brenda works. We haven’t done liberty or tricks for almost a month so it’ll be fun to practice rolling out the carpet, opening the mailbox, delivering mail and working Z and Z together at liberty. I’m going to develop a liberty routine where they not only perform together, but also take turns. One will rest on a pedestal while the other does specific tricks. It’ll be interesting to see if one of them enjoys chilling out while the other one is getting all of the attention.

In the schedule of acts for June 24th Brenda has the boys doing liberty, then being ridden. She’s hoping we can do away with the time-consuming task of putting on their saddles. Her plan is for Bill and me to toss and catch hula-hoops while riding bareback. We’re going to have to practice this! More often than not I’m leaning really far to one side or the other in order to catch a hoop.