Here’s a video of Spring Song (Holsteiner/Thoroughbred filly) born in 2011. She is my training project for the 2014 American Horsewoman’s Challenge (actually “North”American…). The training time runs from April 1, 2014 to the finals in Oklahoma City October 3-5. I should be receiving the tasks to perform at the finals in the next few days. The three disciplines tested will be Cowboy Dressage, Ranch/Trail and Liberty.

Spring Song Training Update

I ride her (so far only at the walk) four days a week and play at liberty seven days a week.

-The garrocha pole: while riding I can move the garrocha pole from the right side of Spring Song, past her head to the left side and vice versa. Yesterday (for the first time) I moved the pole from the right side, around her rump to the left side. Next movement will be a complete circle under the pole.

-I created a video April 26th of the liberty games Spring Song has learned this first month of the Horsewoman’s Challenge (above). During the filming she walked up on a pedestal, picked up a toy and held it. This is the first time she’s picked something up. I’ve been teaching her how to hold the brim of a baseball hat. Apparently Spring Song enjoys performing for the camera.

-Circling at liberty around me: a few times each week I ask Spring Song to do part of a circle around me, come in and change direction. When Bill and Ron were here Sunday I asked them to be the human barricade in the middle of the arena while I played with Spring Song circling at the far end. This is the first time I asked for more than a partial circle.

-BIG blue hula hoop: this hoop is three hula hoops joined together. We’ve used it during the obstacle course at fundraisers for riders to go through. It’s an object that I cannot hold and work with the horse. I need a helper. Dominique held the hoop and I walked through it (both directions). Spring Song followed. The second day I rolled the big ball through it. Spring Song thought that was a great idea and pushed the ball through the hoop, following it, several times.