Yesterday, Spring Song walked to the maracas hanging on the south wall. For her to touch them she has to raise her nose quite high. Well, touch them she did. They made their noise and she looked at me. I could almost hear her saying, “Now that definitely deserves a click and a treat.” So, I obliged. I reached up and shook the maracas lightly. She stood there, interested (click/treat), not the sound-sensitive sweetie she’s shown that she can be. I shook them again. She watched (click/treat). She touched them and produced a bigger sound. Click/treat.

A few days ago I was thinking…wonder if Spring Song can become a one-horse-orchestra. Perhaps she’s been thinking this, too. I have three floor pianos. One of them is on the east wall of the arena. A second floor piano is in its carrying case. The third is attached to a plywood with a few hinged wooden keys. I just might bring number three to the arena and see if the filly is interested in it. A friend sent a video of a man in Thailand playing the piano in the late afternoon. He has a few rescued elephants and noticed that they like to play at that time of day. While he was playing a jazzy/bogey-type song one elephant joined him and played notes with the tip of his trunk. Another elephant “danced” a two-step nearby.