I believe I said something incredibly nasty to the dark llama (Jackson Brown) this afternoon. Ciara went with me to do the LAST farm-sitting session (feeding and mucking out). While we were in the loft of the bank barn, throwing hay to the paddock below, the three horses and miniature donkey appeared. However, there were no llamas in sight. I called…and called and they finally came. When Jackson Brown turned into the feeding area I showed Ciara the clicking of the teeth. Jackson Brown noticed my clicking. He stopped in his tracks, pinned his ears and those lovely big eyes had a look that could KILL.

When we were done tossing the hay to the animals we walked down the stairs, through the barn and into the arena. I went to the southern door to shut it (deterring Jackson Brown from entering and pushing me) and what did I see but this BIG, dark llama cantering to the arena. Boy, can that critter move fast. I got the large sliding door shut before he got to me. Whew! (Wonder what I said when I clicked my teeth. It must have been a doosie!)

When Ciara and I were done mucking out the arena/run-in shed I had her go to the barn door which we’d used to enter the arena while I went to the sliding door. (She suggested I carry the pitch fork with me!) I did not know if Jackson Brown was still outside, waiting for his chance to chase me off his property. Ciara and I coordinated our movements. She got to the door, I opened the big one, then sprinted to her. My quick glimpse outside did not reveal a large brown critter…clicking.

We both shut the door behind us, unscathed.